Lindsay Joan

singer. actor. recording artist. 

Lindsay recently played Ellie Blake in 


 at North Shore Music Theatre

"Lindsay Joan gives a natural and convincing performance as the teen inhabited by her mother. The increasing moments of understanding what her mom goes through are touching in Joan’s hands." Wicked Local, Sally Applegate

"The story centers around a teenage girl (Ellie) brilliantly portrayed by Lindsay Joan...There are numerous excellent performances starting with Ms. Joan and Ms. Wells who have great chemistry and are very convincing when they switch roles." ​Broadway World, David Tompkins

"In the North Shore production, it helps immeasurably that [Lindsay Joan and Laurie Wells] know how to make the comic moments land while also possessing the vocal skills to bring punch or poignancy to their musical numbers." ​Boston Globe, Don Aucoin

"The two central roles of teenager Ellie and her mom Katherine are delightfully realized by Lindsay Joan and Laurie Wells, who nail their many musical numbers with strong vocals. These fine actresses have intense scenes together, and their expert teamwork adds weight to the show’s final resolution." Wicked Local, Sally Applegate